Beautiful work

Wow, and there was me thinking I was detailed! I have some pastels but never really tried them - so maybe the exhibition and a bit of encouragement from you will get me going.
Tina x
Tina Ineson

Your gallery.

Your pastels are beautiful. I work in oil, water color and love colored pencils.
I think the animals are my favs, and love the chickens by the door.
I don't usually contact people like this, but you really impressed me.

Jean Lamb

Mollie's Portrait

Hi Chris, just a quick note to say thanks for your efforts in producing a real accurate likeness of Mollie in the picture you provided to me for my wife's birthday.

My daughter who visited with me and Mollie on our initial meeting was amazed at how well you captured our Mollie on paper. When the other kids saw it they too were in disbelief at how accurate a likeness it was.

The ultimate proof however came when we presented it to my wife as a birthday present. My wife has never been so emotional; softy that she is; but we all experienced the tears of happiness and that gave ultimate confirmation of how good a job you did and I really can’t thank you enough.

On behalf of me and the children please accept our grateful thanks for the work you have done. First class, excellent, superb I’m running out of superlatives but I’m sure you get the gist of how pleased we are. There is no doubt I will be recommending you to friends and colleagues who request details and we look forward to seeing the picture of Mollie added to your website gallery in the near future.

Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavours, Bob

Congratulations on your new website.

I was very impressed with the paintings displayed on your new website.
You have an instinctive touch for landscape painting, capturing the magic of light and shape.
I would also like to say that there are many animal painters out there, but few show the gift you have when it comes to capturing detail and personality!
I think you are going to be quite busy.
Well done! and good luck for the future.

Such Talent

So relaxing viewing your site. You have such wonderful talent.Ive so enjoyed.I love your flowers.The Door & Feeding the chickens.Brilliant !!
margaret exton


Hi I found your link. What a talented couple you are, what wonderful paintings, I really loved looking at it all.